3-year Professional Program

The Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, is one of the most recognised academies in Europe.

The institute's three-year conservatory program focuses on different styles of contemporary dance, ballet, jazzdance, choreography, partnering, floor work, yoga as well as pedagogic, anatomy and dance history to give the student a wide range in the art of dance of today.

In the second year, contemporary classes are held by internationally wellknown teachers and choreographers. To develop stage experience and choreographic skills, students perform  their own choreographic work on stage as well as the repertoire or new work of established choreographers.
The program is divided in two lines, depending on the technical level of the applicant.

School-fees are 575.- Euros per month. 



Munich: March 11th and May 13th 2017

Florence: coming soon( inscription soon at danzainfiera.it )
Barcelona: April 1st 2017
Rome: April 8th 2017
Stockholm: April 23rd 2107
Copenhagen: May 6th 2017
Paris: May 20th 2017



Iwanson auditions are held as a 3-hour workshop with classes in classical ballet and contemporary dance. There is no pre-selection during the audition.

Online inscription here. For further questions you are most welcome to send an email.

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