3-year Professional Program

The Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich is one of the most recognised academies in Europe.

The institute's three-year conservatory program focuses on classical ballet and on different styles of contemporary dance. From the second year on, contemporary classes are held by internationally known teachers and choreographers. Already from the 1st year, students dance in performances.

Applicants are always welcome to visit the school. Just let us know in advance by telephone or email.
Phone: +49-89-7606085 | Email: schule@iwanson.de



PIECE BY PIECE: 21. 11. 2018

PIECE BY PIECE: 21. 11. 2018

Iwanson Internatinal's annual choreographic diving board for young choreographers at 'Kranhalle', 19.oo

NEU – Kindertanztag:  01. 11. 18

NEU – Kindertanztag: 01. 11. 18

Ein neues Iwanson-Programm für i-Kids ab 10: Zu jung für die Jugendtanztage aber nichts als Tanz im Kopf: Mehr.



Bettina Wagner-Bergelt, former director of the Munich Opera Ballet (Bay. Staatsballett) will talk about her life work on Thursday, October 18th at 14.oo, Iwanson studios – free entrance

Iwanson Schmuckbild