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26th October 2017: 'My Solo'
Iwanson Studiobühne, 13 Uhr, Eintritt frei 

Getanztes Autorenkino pur: Studenten von Iwanson International gestalten ein Solo für sich selbst und zeigen es im Rahmen von ‚My Solo‘. Für Tanzkenner ist diese Veranstaltung einer der Geheimtipps des Jahres. Da sitzt man in der ersten Reihe und begleitet als Zuschauer die erste choreographische Selbstreflexion junger Talente: "Hier tanze ich, ich kann nicht anders!"


21st November 2017: 'Step by Step' (Stückchenweise)
Kranhalle, 20:00 Uhr

STEP BY STEP (former Stückchenweise) – is Iwanson International’s artistic laboratory, a diving board for students to present their first choreographic work and try outs. Since the very early days of the school, the original concept hasn’t been changed: we focus on dance. No scenery, no costumes no technical effects. The basic light design is created by the students themselves. Over the years, this unpretentious presentation became the projects success. Although shown in public, the young choreographer is not forced to create a sensation. Pure dance is the message.
Tickets at the  Iwanson reception: 089-7606085


4th/5th/6th May 2018: 'Festival Junger Tanz'
every day at 19.oo at Gasteig Cultural Center

For 10 years "Festival Junger Tanz" has been hosted at Munich’s Cultural Center, the Gasteig, where Iwanson International’s graduates have been presenting themselves in works of internationally renowned choreographers.To offer the public an immediate insight into the world of contemporary dance of today, Iwanson International has developed a new theatrical format for the presentation of dance: The students perform in choreographic short stories, exemplifying the diversity of contemporary dance: Traditional Modern Dance, abstract Contemporary Dance, Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre and Musical. 

In 2018, each of the invited guest choreographers refer to FAUST – considered to be Goethe's magnum opus and greatest work of German literature – from their very personal artistic point of view.


Tickets not available before early 2018.











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