More than School

Associated with the school, the Iwanson-Sixt-Foundation supports the young talents of Contemporary Dance through extra-curricular projects. This includes exchange programs with other academies, training grants for international summer schools, travel grants and theatrical internships.

Within the frame of these internships, our students are able to get to know famous companies such as Pina Bausch’s Dance Theatre Wuppertal, the Forsythe Company or the New Danish Dance Theatre. They not only gain an intimate insight into the artistic work but they also make contacts for the future.Exchange programs with academies in Rome, Florence, Stockholm and Palamos broaden the students’ horizons. They get to meet other structures and teaching methods. They build friend- ships which often well outlast their student years.

The travel grants enable young choreographers to take part in international competitions, and quite a few times, successfully: last year, for instance, Francesca Merolla and Matteo Sacco came 1st and 2nd at the competition in Florence.The grant system ‘International Summerschools’ is also dedicated to the idea of broadening the horizons. Since 2007 more than 200 grants have been awarded.

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