The Mayor's speech

Dear friends of Contemporary Dance,
Munich is a City of Dance: if your’re interested in dance, you will  nd a great number of events to enjoy the magic world of very different dance styles. Top events such as the festival `Young Dance ́ are essential for a vibrant and exciting dance scene and its international reputation.

As always, the festival offers a high quality program this year. From the masterclass students to the  rst year students: in their performances between May 2nd and May 8th, the Iwanson students cover the whole range of Contemporary Dance.Iwanson

International is one of Europe’s leading dance training centres and an institu- tion of its own class in Munich’s cultural scene. The institute keeps generating excellent dancers and choreographers carrying Munich‘s reputation as a City of Dance into the world.

This year, even the surrounding program is an eye-catcher: During the festival the works of dance photographer Vreni Arbes, who has accompanied the lessons, rehearsels and performances for a whole academic year, offer an impressive glance behind the scenes of a professional dance education. For what looks so easy and effortless is the result of years of hard work.To put it in a nutshell: The festival ‘Young Dance’ is a highlight of Munich’s cultural spring.I wish all visitors an inspiring festival and hope you will feel like I do watching it: My heart dances.

Yours sincerely
Josef Schmid Mayor

Iwanson Schmuckbild