1st Year

We work on basics. Lessons in ballet and contemporary dance forms with a very strong focus on clean dance technique are the everyday base of the three coming years. Special coaching lessons in small groups guarantee maximal results. Theory classes in pedagogiy, dance-history and anatomy broaden the understanding of dance.


2nd Year

A quite radical change happens: every week new international guest teachers bring the numerous diverse styles of contemporary dance and modern partner work to the students. Line 2 students start with advanced pedagogic classes.

New subjects - improvisation, choreography and pedagogy (line 2) - demand openness and artistic sensitivity. The results are shown in "choreographic labs" in the nearby theatre. First grants are awarded, either for exchange projects or for international workshops.


3rd Year

The focus is put on stage appearance or the pedagogic diploma thesis. International guest choreographers work with the students for their final performance.

In the final phase we send students to their first auditions, state theatres all over Germany invite students to present themselves in "work experience weeks".

Each student prepares a solo as a piece for the exams. On the last day of three exciting years, the soli are shown on stage and the diplomas are handed over. 



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