Stefan Sixt – Managng Director

Stefan Sixt calls it the ‘Formula-1-Principle’: Every detail is vital, every day, again and again. Nothing is left to chance and reached goals are just the new starting points for further innovation and improvement. This consistent strategy forms the basis for a professional dance education at Iwanson International and is certainly one of the reasons for the top position of this dance academy which once started as a hip little dance studio in Munich’s Westend.

From the start the former athlete Sixt has been placing the emphasis on networking and co- operation. In 1987, Sixt was a founder member of Munich’s dance association ‘Tanztendenz München’ as well as ten years later of the Bavarian Association for Contemporary Dance, ‘BLZT’. Another ten years later and together with Jessica Iwanson, Sixt created a foundation for Contem- porary Dance which so far has awarded several hundred travel and training grants. In 2014 and together with DANCE Curator Nina Hümpel, he edited a comprehensice presentation of Munich as the ‘City of Dance’. This year, the Bavarian Radio dedicated a one-hour portrait program to him.It is important for Sixt not to lose the personal and direct contact to the students. So at the age of 60, the manager still teaches the dancers acrobatics.

Iwanson Schmuckbild