Iwanson Summer School 2017

Different to other summer courses, the Iwanson Summer School is a three-week intensive full-time program.

The main schedule (technique package) covers 3 daily classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance.
For those, who want to experience even more contemporary dance forms like hip-hop, partnering, floor barre and even yoga we offer extra classes in the afternoon of week 2 and 3 (extra package).


Dates 2017 

Course 1:    31st July 2017 - 18th August 
Course 2:    21st August 2017 - 08th September 


Technique Package 3 weeks: € 560.- 
Technique Package 3 weeks under 21 years: € 460.-

Extra Package: € 50.-  

Extra Package  under 21 years € 40.- 




Links and Downloads

Schedule | Prices.pdf

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