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20. 02. 2018 at 14.oo and 20.oo  „Piece by Piece" at Studiobühne Iwanson
2nd round of this choreographic platform. The most interesting pieces will be selected for the performance in Gasteig on March 6th. More Info and exact program 089-7606085


25. 02. 2018 15 Uhr „Licensed to Dance – Preview" at Festspielhaus Baden Baden
The graduates of 2018 will present a part of their upcoming performance in May in Gasteig at the famous Festspielhaus in Baden Baden. They will dance works of Minka Marie Heiß, Nadine Gerspacher and Isabella Blum

06. 03. 2018 at 19.oo „i-Chance@Gasteig“ 
at Gasteig, Black Box

Selected work from the choreographic laboratory 'Piece by Piece'. Young choroegraphers get the chance to present their work to a larger public in the prestigious ambience of Gasteig.


Friday 16. 03. 2018 at 13.3o „What you always wanted to know about FAUST“: A short introduction,  into one of the world's most famous legends , written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Lecture by NERMINA GEGENFUß.


4th/5th/6th May 2018: 'Festival Junger Tanz'
every day at 19.oo at Gasteig Cultural Center

For 10 years "Festival Junger Tanz" has been hosted at Munich’s Cultural Center, the Gasteig, where Iwanson International’s graduates have been presenting themselves in works of internationally renowned choreographers.To offer the public an immediate insight into the world of contemporary dance of today, Iwanson International has developed a new theatrical format for the presentation of dance: The students perform in choreographic short stories, exemplifying the diversity of contemporary dance: Traditional Modern Dance, abstract Contemporary Dance, Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre and Musical. 

In 2018, each of the invited guest choreographers refer to FAUST – considered to be Goethe's magnum opus and greatest work of German literature – from their very personal artistic point of view.

Tickets at www.muenchenticket.de – search Iwanson | Junger Tanz


11th July 2018: i-Solo - at, Gasteig, Blackbox

The graduates of 2018 present their final solo work:
Line 2:  18.oo  – artistic direction Minka Heiß
Line 1:  20.oo Uhr – artistic direction Johannes Härtl

Tickets at www.muenchenticket.de (search for "Iwanson" and "i-Solo"











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